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BRAZEN creates technology.

We develop tools that help our clients solve complex problems with simple and intuitive solutions.


Technological consulting and mentorship

Promotional and transactional website development

Multi-tenant SaaS platforms (Software-as-a-Service, cloud computing)

HTTP driven APIs (RESTful or RPC)

Specialized B2C and B2B e-commerce platforms

Mobile and native applications

Prototype applications and MVP (Minimum Viable Products) for startups

Software for connected objets and physical installations


  • Canadian Centre for Architecture
  • MOS Architects
  • Studio Lin
  • Daily Tous les Jours
  • Oakville Galleries
  • Bishop’s University
  • Cassis Monna & Filles
  • Bureau Principal
  • In the Mouth

Design + Technology

We believe that the design process exists at all levels, from the core of technological development to the graphic edge of a final product.

We work at the very upstream of projects to frame them with a rigorous design approach that will make sense until completion.